Tim Roth Reveals The True Reason He Agreed To Make FIFA Film Honouring Sepp Blatter


Tim Roth has revealed why he REALLY made the film 'United Passions', where he starred as then-FIFA boss Sepp Blatter.

The 'Reservoir Dogs' star played the role of Sepp Blatter in the film, which has acquired an almost mythical status of badness since being released last year, and taking only $607 on its release in the US.

Now Tim Roth has admitted to Reddit he did it for one reason and one only - the money.

Tim Roth stars as Sepp Blatter in the ill-received 'United Passions' film about FIFA

"The film is awful (can’t say that because I haven’t seen it)," he told Reddit. "I hated doing it, it was the wrong film but for the right reasons.

"I had two kids in college so I had to make a decision and it was probably poorly judged, but once you make that decision you have to follow through. It’s a hard road, being in something you don’t want to do, but I’m glad I did it for my family."

The film, which also starred Gerard Depardieu, was funded with $27million of FIFA money, and was known for its loose history with the truthful history of FIFA. It is billed by production company Thelma Films as following a group of European mavericks on an ambitious project, the Federation Internationale of Football Association (FIFA), promising to tell the epic, untold story of the saga of the World Cup and the "three determined men" who created it, driven by "vision and passion". Apparently, this "timeless saga celebrates the game that, despite it all, became not just a worldwide sport, but an expression of hope, spirit, and unity".

Sepp Blatter is currently appealing his suspension from football for eight years.

Tim Roth has yet to explain his decision to take his role of Prince Rainier in 'Grace of Monaco', which starred Nicole Kidman and was also released in 2014.

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