People Are Sharing Photos Of The Hilarious Kid Beds They Sleep In When They Go Home For Christmas

Nothing says Christmas like returning home in your twenties only to be cramped up in your single childhood bed, covered in a My Little Pony duvet.

That's why Rhodri Marsden, a London-based writer, has spent the last few Christmas eves curating photos of adults sleeping in kids beds.

And the results are nothing short of hilarious.

For many the photos have become something of a festive tradition, with many (including HuffPost UK Lifestyle staff) looking forward to competing for top spot in 2015.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, he said: "I was just lying in this single bed with an unpleasant duvet in a rather austere room in my parents’ house and thought, 'I bet I’m not the only one'."

"So I took a picture and tweeted it. And then these pictures started coming back at me."

The vast majority of beds shared are single ones with some kind of cartoon bedspread. But some are a bit more sinister, such as those situated in utility rooms and kitchens, or next to storage boxes.

There's no place like home, eh?

Be sure to tweet @rhodri with photos of your bed on Christmas eve.