Man Wraps Himself Up As Christmas Gift For His Dog In Adorable Video

Dogs are well-known as man's best friend and there will undoubtedly have been many canines who were rewarded for their loyalty at Christmas with a range of squeaky toys, bones to chew and maybe even a bite of Christmas dinner.

But one dog got an even more exciting gift to unwrap on Christmas day - his owner.

Coming home for Christmas ( a giant present for your dog)

Posted by Noel Parsons on Friday, 25 December 2015

Noel Parsons' excited pup can been seen running around and barking at the package on the living room floor, before doing his best to tear into the wrapping paper.

When he finally manages to unwrap his present, the Bolognese is clearly thrilled, jumping up and giving his owner's face a good lick.

Merry Christmas buddy.