11 Things You Only Know When You've Worked In Retail At Christmas

Working in retail at Christmas is a blessing and a curse.

Working in retail at Christmas is a blessing and a curse. It’s usually not the most wonderful time of the year for us shop-working folk, unless we’re commission-based of course.

If you’ve been on the other side of present buying, seen the depths of sale shopping hell and made it through alive, here’re 11 things that have probably happened to you more times than you can say “Can I have a gift receipt...”

1. Your friends and family always get amazing presents.

Because you put the best stuff on hold ’till pay day.

2. You can save so much money.

Hello, employee discount.

3. Except you still end up broke.

It's statistically impossible not to spend half your wages in store you work in. Like Stockholm Syndrome, but with stuff.

4. You develop a deep and ingrained hatred for messy people.

Look, we've just spent two hours organising stuff. Could you just put things back where you found them?

5. That's why the word 'sale' fills you with nightmares.

It's not an open invitation to chuck all the clothes on the ground, OK?

6. You're basically guaranteed to be working on Christmas Eve.

Or Boxing Day. Or New Years Eve. Or all three! (If your boss seriously hates you).

7. But sometimes it's worth it.

Two words: double pay.

8. You become an actual machine when you're working the tills.

But the queues never seem to go down...

9. You're forced to stand by the open doors to 'greet' customers.

Because it's 'festive'. Except half of them ignore you and it's freezing cold outside.

10. Lunch breaks are made for Christmas shopping.

It's pretty convenient, plus there's no way you're coming anywhere near here on your days off.

11. You become seriously adept at working with a hangover.

Changing rooms? Nap pods. Clothes? Blankets. The stock room? A strategically placed puke point.

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