28/12/2015 03:30 GMT | Updated 28/12/2015 03:59 GMT

'Emmerdale' Producers 'Worried' UK Floods Could Cause 'Disaster' At Soap's Studios In Leeds

‘Emmerdale’ bosses were forced to do all they could to prevent the soap’s studios from damage over the weekend, after floods hit the north of England hard.

The ITV series is filmed on Kirkstall Road in Leeds, which has been badly affected by floods, which have been causing havoc all over the country for the past few days, with soap bosses using sandbags to stop water damage on the set.

The set of 'Emmerdale'

A soap insider tells The Mirror: “‘Emmerdale’ bosses have been very worried about the situation. The water was receding so they are hoping they won't be affected.

"But with more rainfall on the way there is a worry that the set could be flooded. It would be a complete disaster."

Six years ago, ITV spent over £5 million to upgrade the ‘Emmerdale’ studios, all in the name of ensuring the set would be safe for years to come.

While the network have insisted the set “is currently not at risk”, they’re said to be “monitoring the situation carefully”.

One of Soapland's most famous pubs, the Woolpack

Meanwhile, ‘Emmerdale’ had an especially dramatic few days over the festive season, most notably when Belle Dingle caught her father, Zak, red-handed, cheating on her mother.

It also saw Ross and Debbie sharing their first Christmas together, and featured a one-off guest appearance from ‘Coronation Street’ legend Liz Dawn.

In 2016, it’s all change over in Soapland, with current ‘Emmerdale’ executive producer Kate Oates making the jump to Weatherfield, where she’ll be the new boss over on ‘Corrie’.