China's Dark Matter-Hunting Satellite Starts Sending Back Data

In the never ending struggle to prove that dark matter is in fact real, one country could be about to solve the mystery once and for all: China.

The country launched its Dark Matter Particle Explore (DAMPE) satellite on December 17 and has finally started sending back information.

Considering we can see just 4.9 per cent of the particles which make up the universe, dark matter is something of an awkward conundrum for science.

It makes up a massive 26 per cent of the universe and yet we have little to no confirmation that it in fact exists.

To combat this, DAMPE will carry out a three-year mission during which it will detect gamma rays, electrons, and cosmic rays. China isn't the only country to be doing this kind of search, there's a similar instrument aboard the International Space Station however it's believed that DAMPE's more up-to-date equipment will have a better chance of providing the results that everyone's been waiting for.