'EastEnders': 'Bring Back Fatboy' Petition Stuns Actor Ricky Norwood

'EastEnders' Fans Launch 'Bring Back Fats' Petition

‘EastEnders’ fans have been taking a few tips from ‘Emmerdale’ devotees, launching a petition calling for Ricky Norwood’s character Fatboy to be reinstated.

During last week’s Boxing Day episode, fans found out Fatboy had been killed following a mix-up by Ronnie’s hitmen and many weren’t happy with the fact we won’t be seeing Ricky on screen again.

Ricky joined the cast in 2010

Now, a petition has started, much like the one which called for Michael Parr to return to ‘Emmerdale’, when he appeared to killed off-screen during the #SummerFate episodes.

Naturally, Ricky’s delighted with fans’ efforts, though it’s fair to say that the signatures aren’t exactly rolling in...

His character’s death is currently a secret in the Square, and Vincent and Claudette are the only ones who know the truth.

After discovering Fatboy’s body, Vincent decided not to tell Ronnie that he was dead, and instead lied, telling her the hitmen had conned her.


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