Optical Illusions: Can You Spot The Famous Faces In These Coffee Bean Pictures?


Can you spot these famous faces in the coffee beans?

Go on, give it a shot (get it?) but you must find them by any beans (sorry!) means necessary.

All jokes aside, it's going to be a bit of a grind but we've bean around the world to find the best coffee pictures - we've hidden a famous person in each image and we're hoping that this little game is instant fun.

Let's start of with a tough one....

Can you spot the 'Die Hard' actor?

This actor is certainly not 'Expendable'.

Which Zane-y actor is hiding below?

We wonder if Sherlock Holmes could solve this mystery?

Should this famous footballer be re-named 'Golden Beans'?

Bean Me Up Scotty!

Could his films be now be known as 'The Bean Supremacy'.

He likes his coffee mashed to a pulp and that's not fiction.

We bet this former sportsman likes his coffee to pack a punch.

The former leader of the Conservative Party is used to the daily grind.

Do you think he tortures his victims with hot coffee? Riiiiiggggghhhhhttt!

Can you smell what The Rock is brewing?

He likes his coffee 'Fast and Furious'.

This mystery man drank many cups of coffee in 'The Office'.

Have you spotted the 'Little Britain' yet?

Bruce Willis

Can you spot the famous face?

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