Freak Storm Causes North Pole To Briefly Reach Reach Melting Point

For A Brief Moment This Week The North Pole Actually Hit MELTING POINT

A powerful storm did the unthinkable earlier this week as it pushed hot air so far north that for a brief moment, the North Pole was registering temperatures 50 degrees above normal, or in other words - melting point.

While we don't have any weather instruments operating directly on the North Pole, nearby weather bouys and satellite prediction tools painted a picture which showed huge swathes of hot air being pushed north.

The freak storm (known in the UK as Storm Frank) has been causing chaos across the northern seaboard generating devastating cyclones in the United States and the extreme flooding that has been seen in the North of England.

With minimum pressures reaching just 928 millibars the storm is set to be one of the strongest on record with punishing hurricane winds sending the hot air north at speeds of up to 100mph.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warns that while this was a freak occurrence, the North Pole has been undergoing an enormous period of warming with temperatures now at their highest since 1900.

Meanwhile this year saw melting over 50 per cent of the Greenland Ice Sheet, a first for the area since the exceptional melting that took place in 2012.


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