31/12/2015 08:04 GMT | Updated 31/12/2015 08:59 GMT

Tattoo Artists Reveal Their Worst Customer Experiences

Jamie Garbutt via Getty Images
A tattoo artist and enuthsiast is hard at work tattooing a client. The tattooist has the tattoo gun in his hand and has many tattoos himself. He has writing on his face, flowers on the side of his head, and a few others. The client has dark red hair and a matching beard. He is looking at the work being done.

Being a tattoo artist can't be easy.

Oh sure, you might do works of art on people's skin, but what about the people who ask for supremely lame tattoos? Or the ones who are so drunk they can't stand straight?

Reddit user Lonely Gnomes asked tattoo artists what their worst experiences were, and here is a snapshot:

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