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"These tattoos have boosted my self-esteem and helped me love my body again ― something I haven’t felt since I was young."
“She always cries when I get her another tattoo. I always love to surprise her with new ink.”
This tattoo parlour in the US is offering a free service to people who want to remove the ones they now regret. Mountainside Tattoo in Vermont offers the service for free to those looking to remove the skin art they now see as hateful images.
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Promotional feature from Momondo
Fans of Ariana Grande spotted an unfortunate mistake in her latest tattoo. The singer-songwriter had her palm tattooed with the name of her latest single in Kanji, which when read in Chinese spells "7 Rings", but when read in Japanese means something entirely different.
'We are no longer Rachel, or Joanne or Natasha - we’re so-and-so’s mum.'
A woman who'd received a lung transplant was left in chronic pain after receiving a tattoo.