Billie Eilish Reveals A Giant Back Tattoo That’s Got People Talking

The Bad Guy singer showed off her massive new ink, and it drew lots of comments.

Billie Eilish may have just gotten everything she wanted and more in a large back tattoo that runs down her spine.

The seven-time Grammy winner displayed her ink on Wednesday in what appears to be its raw state ― the size and design had fans buzzing.

“Back tatt so fye,” one wrote. “It looks absolutely killer,” another praised.

Perhaps comparing the tattoo’s location and conversation-sparking ability to a certain other celebrity, TMZ wrote, “Now, she’s in the Ben Affleck club.”

Eilish had offered a peek of the tattoo previously but, this time, gave followers a full look, though it seemed to be a work in progress when the photo was taken.

People noted she also has a dragon tattoo on her thigh, fairies on her hand and her name on her chest.


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