UFO And Alien Hunters Get Excited After Eerie Bright Light Spotted in Mexico

An Eerily Bright Light In Mexico Has Got Alien And UFO Hunters All Worked Up

2015 appears to have taken an interesting turn for alien and UFO hunters who spotted an unusually bright light hovering near the volcano of Popocatepetl, Mexico.

While such sightings have happened quite frequently in this part of the world, the internet still went crazy over the "unidentified flying object."

The webcam footage was reportedly taken during the Christmas period when the light was first seen.

Conspiracy theorists, claim the film as evidence of extraterrestrial beings existing. However, skeptics branded the light as a flare from fireworks.

According to the Mirror, the debate on YouTube, where the video was first posted, got so heated that the channel's creator had to disable the comments section.

Jay Matthews, founder of UFOlogy, said on Twitter: "I have lost count on how many times a UFO was filmed flying near or even entering this 730000 years old volcano!"


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