Alien And UFO Hunters Believe Anomaly In NASA Image Is A Mothership

Alien Experts Think They Finally Have Proof Of UFOs With This Strange Image

Strange things are happening. Or at least, that is what UFO hunters would like to believe.

YouTube user, Streetcap1, posted a NASA image, which he believes, shows an alien mothership.

Before we go any further, we should also point out that the anomaly is most likely a case of lens flare or malformed pixels.

The image was captured by NASA's telescopic cameras that monitor solar activity.

The UFO enthusiast told the Express: "This could be just malformed pixels.

"The way it's shaped though suggests otherwise. Just my opinion.

"If anybody is messing with these pics then speak to the European Space Agency (ESA) or NASA, not me I am only the messenger."

Despited the YouTuber's questions about the object, Scott C Waring, editor of firmly believes the image is an unidentified flying object.

While we don't want to burst any bubbles, Waring's explanation is probably a little far fetched.

According to the Express, he said: "Two, aliens are sending massive ships to suck our Sun's energy.

"If we are sharing our Sun, it's not going to last the five billion years scientist predicted it at, but may drop below a billion years before its used up.”


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