UFO That Looked 'Like A Shooting Star' Seen By Multiple Witnesses Hovering Over Los Angeles

This video shows the incredible moment that a group of bystanders at the Griffin Observatory saw not one, but two UFOs hovering above Los Angeles.

Chris Montague was with a group locals and had simply gone up to the well-known viewpoint to get a look at the city by night, and instead got far more than he bargained for.

What they saw appeared to be two burning lights in the sky, hovering above the city. In the video you can hear both the person holding the phone and bystanders all speculating as to what it could be.

When questioned whether the burning object was a UFO, a man responds 'It has to be, it's not even moving'.

He then jokes, 'We're going to have guys in black suits confiscate our phones on the way out'

Thankfully he didn't, and the video has since ended up on YouTube. While it's difficult to tell visually thanks to the low quality of the smartphone's camera the audio and comments underneath the video seemingly confirm that the phenomenon wasn't just your average 'weather balloon' incident.

YouTube user Eric Del'Accort said:

"MY MOM AND I WERE ON OUR WAY TO THE FREEWAY, GOING DOWN LA BREA TOWARDS THE 10 FREEWAY AND WE SAW THIS!!! We were freaking out, and I've been looking online for the past couple days trying to figure out wtf we had seen.. It was SO crazy.."

Victor Manuel Cisneros describes his experience of the UFO sighting:

"My family and I saw the lights in the sky as we drove down from the Griffith Observatory. We saw this incident from the begin, it look like a shooting star at first but, quickly realize it was something completely different. Base on your video the lights fade into the USC football game. Great footage thanks for sharing!"

Chris wasn't the only one to capture the event with YouTuber FullyShadow also capturing footage of it.

Some on the video believe they have an explanation which is that the lights were actually from a group of NAVY S.E.A.L. parachutists which were performing at a USC Football game that evening.

Others however argue that they were not connected with the football game at all with Brad Montgomery arguing:

"I've read through the comments and it is not associated with usc or navy seals. That object straight disappeared then reappeared in a new place, and moved left to right and in free motion as if not bound by our typical airplane like path."

While UFO sightings are usually captured by those actively looking for them, this video sets itself apart from that group as it was actually captured by a large group of people throughout the city, none of which were expecting to see it.