Massive Bright Green 'Fireball' Spotted Over Buenos Aires Sends UFO Hunters Crazy

Giant Green Fireball Over Buenos Aires Looks Like An Alien Invasion

Is there anything more terrifying than looking up into the night sky and seeing a giant green fireball streaking across the sky?

While it might have looked like an alien invasion, the giant meteorite that was spotted over Buenos Aires, Argentina was simply that and nothing more.

Streaking slowly across the night sky on the 31 July, it didn't take long for amateur footage of the event to hit the internet with this particularly shaky piece of footage reaching Twitter.

While it's true that the colour and speed of the object would certainly suggest that this is an object being 'controlled' the truth is that both can be easily explained.

Rather than being a UFO, the colour of the meteor is simply a case of ingredients. As the American Meteor Society points out on its website.

"The dominant composition of a meteoroid can play an important part in the observed colors of a fireball, with certain elements displaying signature colors when vaporized. For example, sodium produces a bright yellow color, nickel shows as green, and magnesium as blue-white."

While it's rare to catch such a clear glimpse of these celestial events, meteorites burning up can cause enormous fireballs, with many of the bright flashes seen over Siberia in Russia being blamed on the objects burning up in the atmosphere.

Of course conspiracy theorists are having none of it, believing the event to be an alien craft entering the Earth's atmosphere.

While possible, it seems unlikely that they'd make such a visible entrance without then saying hello...

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