Mysterious Friday The 13th 'UFO' Space Junk Dubbed WT1190F Goes Unspotted By Eager Observers

A Friday The 13th 'UFO' Apparently Entered Earth Today

An unidentified flying object dubbed WT1190F was expected to enter the earth's atmosphere today but experts are yet to identify it.

According to the European Space Agency, WT1190F was supposed to create a "spectacular show" over the Indian Ocean at 6:20am UT, but eager observers have not yet spotted it.

WT1190F is believed to be a few metres in diameter and ESA predicted most, if not all, would burn up in the earth's atmosphere.

Analysts studying WT1190F have ruled out the object being a space rock and say it could be a hollow shell belonging to a rocket.

Ahead of the re-entry two researchers, charged with observing WT1190F's trajectory, stated "a very steep, high-speed entry is expected..."

Dr Stefan Löhle and Dr Fabian Zander said their observations could serve as a "test case for future asteroid entries" while also helping us better understand how space debris behaves.

Both experts planned to make their observations and film the re-entry aboard a Gulfstream 450 business jet.


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