UFO Over Los Angeles Is US Navy Missile Test But Everyone Freaks Out Anyway

The skies of Los Angeles were lit up with an incredible sight on Saturday night as what appeared to be a UFO/meteor (depending on your conspiracy levels) took over the heavens.

(Skip to 1:19 in the video above for the best bit.)

Needless to say people freaked out a little. Even one of the Kardashians.

And Josh Groban.

Here's my video of the impending doom! Enjoy! Sound muted to spare you the 100 "WTF"'s.

A video posted by Josh Groban (@joshgroban) on

Fortunately it wasn't aliens but a US Navy missile test (almost as terrifying to be fair).

Cmdr. Ryan Perry, of the Navy’s Third Fleet, said the Trident II (D5) was a scheduled launch from an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine in the Pacific Test Range.

The official announcement appears to have not done much to assuage people's fears and the rather optimistic #AliensTakingOverEarthParty hashtag to began trend on Twitter.

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