Fast-Flying Object Leaves UFO MUFON Researchers Baffled

The skies over Long Island, New York lit up with a rather unusual object that has left UFO researchers baffled.

An eyewitness who captured the oddity, said: "I noticed red an blue lights hovering I stopped and watched for a little bit to see if it was just someone playing with a toy but then the object went higher into the air and started to move pretty fast.

"I then took out my phone and started to record for as long as I could till my phone died."

In a video posted on YouTube last week, a fast-moving shiny object is seen zooming across the skies.

The footage was captured in April and reported to MUFON, an organisation dedicated to the study of UFOs.

However, the case is still listed as unknown.

The most obvious explanation for the object is a rogue drone, a number of commenters on Reddit have pointed out.

Those sentiments are also echoed by a MUFON New York field investigator Joseph Flammer.

He told The Huffington Post US: "One of my main thoughts was that it could have been a drone -- something that somebody sent into the air and the witness might not have suspected that it was a drone.

"There are a couple of large parking fields along Port Jefferson (where the video was taken) where somebody might have, if so inclined, taken a drone and put it into the air."