Best Women's Fitness Gear 2016: The Gym Clothes That Will Actually Make You Want To Work Out

Fitness Gear That Will Actually Make You Want To Work Out

The dawn of each new year spawns a thousand unused gym memberships. It's not like there weren't good intentions behind inadvertently spending £40 a month for six months to sip a protein shake in a sauna a total of one time, but finding the motivation can be hard.

That's why we're here to bring you the best fitness gear 2016 has to offer so far. Because when you look that good, why wouldn't you want to show it off.

As an extra bonus, sportswear is actually a thing in fashion right now - meaning if you do end up sacking off the work outs, you won't look like a crazy person wearing lycra in your day-to-day life (yay).

Here's what's on our wish list right now...

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