Lauren Goodger Avoids Awkward Moment When Asked About Michelle Keegan, During 'Loose Women' Interview

Lauren Goodger managed to avoid a potentially awkward situation on Monday’s ‘Loose Women’, when she was asked about her ex-fiancé Mark Wright's new wife, Michelle Keegan.


The Goodge was appearing on the ITV panel show to discuss her new workout DVD, having made headlines for her four-stone weight loss last year.

However, she had to dodge a potentially cringe-inducing moment during her interview, when presenter Nadia Sawalha dropped her ex’s wife into the conversation.

The Goodge

She asked the former ‘TOWIE’ cast member if seeing how fit Michelle Keegan was acted as inspiration for her to hit the gym, to which she said: “I completely get it and I can see why people would think that. But where I am in my life and they are in their life... I’ve got a boyfriend I’ve had for three years

“It was nothing to do with anyone else apart from me. There was nothing that could influence me, no one that could come to me and go ‘do this’. I did it at my time, when I was ready. Otherwise I would have done it ages ago.”

Nicely handled, Lauren.

Nadia quizzes The Goodge about her ex's new wife

The former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate has since retweeted a number of posts praising her for her interview, as well as calling out Nadia for her “disrespectful” line of questioning:

Lauren and Mark dated on and off for over a decade, until eventually splitting for good, in full view of the ‘TOWIE’ cameras, in 2011.

Mark has since called out Lauren on a number of occasions, publicly pleading with her to stop mentioning him in interviews, and accusing her of using him for tabloid headlines, most recently last summer, while he was on his honeymoon with Michelle.

Just as well they haven’t, really, as last year Lauren unveiled a new tattoo of Jake’s name on her wrist.

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