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Coleen Nolan and ITV have both denied the latest reports about Loose Women in the tabloid press.
The Loose Women star raised eyebrows when he accused the government of "scaremongering" the public about coronavirus.
Denise Welch walked out early, while Nadia Sawalha appeared to say she "wasn't happy" about losing out.
The Absolutely Fabulous star has taken a very public shot at her sibling.
'Drag Race' star Michelle Visage is just one person who has called out the panel.
'These publications still don’t see the responsibility that lies with them.'
Nadia Sawalha has weighed in on the ongoing row between Michael Pattemore and the children of his late wife, Lynda Bellingham
My own children have not opted in to Snap Map but who knows If peer pressure will lead them to do so in the future? If all your friends are together and showing themselves as so in Snap Map wouldn't you want to join them? Let's face it, like everything else social media-related, your children almost certainly knew about the app before you did.