25/07/2017 17:15 BST

Nadia Sawalha Blasts Michael Pattemore For Comments About Late Wife Lynda Bellingham, As Her Son Appears On ‘Loose Women'

Michael previously claimed he had sex with Lynda's ghost.

Nadia Sawalha has weighed in on the ongoing row between Michael Pattemore and the children of his late wife, Lynda Bellingham, branding some of his past comments “disgusting”.

Lynda’s two sons, Michael and Robbie Peluso, are currently locked in a battle with their step-father over their mother’s will, and claim he has lied about what they have received since her death.

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Michael spoke to Janet and Nadia 

On Tuesday (25 July), Michael Peluso appeared on ‘Loose Women’ to discuss the dispute, which is when Nadia brought up the fact his step-father previously claimed he had sex with Lynda’s ghost.

Addressing the comments, Nadia said: “Some of the things he said, quite frankly, I have found disgusting.

“He said that your mother’s ghost visited him and they had sexual relations.

“When I read that I did think of you and Robbie [brother] and I was trying to imagine how you felt.”

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Lynda and Michael in April 2014 

After labelling the remarks “disgusting” and “vile”, Michael said: “That was the last straw, when he came out and said [that]. We realised this isn’t going to stop, we have to speak up.

“If he had behaved like this when she was around, she wouldn’t have trusted him, she wouldn’t have left him everything.”

Michael also disputed Pattemore’s recent claim that he is still in contact with many of his and Lynda’s friends.

He told Nadia and Janet Street-Porter: “He mentioned that all their real friends are behind them - I hardly ever saw any friends come around the house that she had met from him.

“People who knew my mum are horrified by the lies and vile behaviour of this man, quite frankly.”

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Michael and his brother Robert with Lynda, Michael Pattemore and their step-brother, Bradley 

The family feud began almost three years ago, though Lynda’s sons waited until a year after her death before they went public with their version of events.

Michael’s comments about Lynda’s ghost came in January 2016, when he told Spirit And Destiny Magazine: “As her body snuggled into mine, I breathed in the familiar scent of the woman I’d been lucky enough to spend 10 wonderful years with.

“‘Make love to me,’ Lynda whispered, her face nuzzling into mine. Kissing her, I gazed down into those beautiful brown eyes.

“‘I love you,’ she smiled, and I closed my eyes, luxuriating in the warmth of her low, husky voice. Of course, Lynda was no longer here – she had passed away.

“How could I have made love to my wife when she was no longer here? But I did, I was certain of it. I felt her, saw her and heard her.”

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