Russian Locals Fear 'Alien Visitation' After Witnessing Stunning Light Display

A stunning display of light seen in Russia over the weekend has lead to a few strange explanations.

Residents in Birobidzhan believes the spikes of light emanating from the sky meant beings from another world were visiting.

Dimitry Arkady, a local stargazer, made a sensible judgement however and said it was probably the Northern Lights.

According to Central European News, local media outlets reportedly compared it to a scene from the film 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind,' "when the aliens visit Earth amid huge light-and-sound bursts."

One local said: "It was like the Orson Welles broadcast, you know, the War of the Worlds back in America when they read out the book on the radio and the people thought it was the real thing."

Despite Arkady's predictions about earthly reasons for the mysterious light show, he did argue that the display was "strong and unusual enough to be thought by many to be the result of an alien visitation."

"It sent several dozen people at least scrambling for their cars to get away," he said.

"There was real fear in the air."

If you need more convincing. Here are a few more images:

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