Samsung Is Bringing Its Gear S2 Smartwatch To iOS Later This Year

Samsung's Bringing iPhone Support To Its Smartwatch, Which Is Kind Of Crazy

Samsung has announced that its Gear S2 smartwatch will be compatible with iOS devices including the iPhone and iPad later this year.

The announcement came as something of a shock after the two companies started creating mobile products that very definitively would not work with each other.

While the Apple Watch has always been an iOS exclusive, Samsung did dabble in making an Android Wear watch as well as one using its own Tizen software.

The end result was that eventually Samsung decided to go it alone, stick with Tizen and actually ditch Google's now prolific wearable operating system.

While Samsung has clearly shunned Android users it apparently doesn't mind if you own an iPhone as its new, and arguably best smartwatch the Gear S2 will soon work with Apple's devices.

Apple users have been spoilt rotten in the last 6 months after Google announced that Android Wear would also start working with iOS devices last summer.

While functionality was limited, the new range of smartwatches can still perform all the basic functions you'd expect.

What remains to be seen though is just how useful the Gear S2 will actually be when connected to iOS. Apple has always traditionally kept its apps and accessory functionality locked down so whether or not it'll actually be worth the investment remains to be seen.

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