Apple iOS 9: Five Simple Reasons Why You Should Update

Here Are Five Massive Reasons Why You Should Update To iOS 9

Apple's new operating system iOS 9 is available to download now on any device that currently supports iOS 8.

Of course the question that many will be asking is firstly what's new, and secondly is it actually worth the hassle?

Apple iOS 9 is all about performance and efficiency.

The short answer is that a lot is new and yes, it's absolutely worth updating but to help we've come up with a few key features that should make iOS 9 the best software update Apple's released yet.

1. You won't have to delete a load of apps to download it.

One of the previous complaints about previous versions of Apple's software has been the sheer size of them. iOS 8 for example was nearly 5GB in size leaving many users simply unable to update at all without deleting half the apps on their phones.

Well don't panic, iOS 9 is just 1.3GB so while it's still going to take some time to download you won't be furiously deleting photos, videos and apps just to make space.

2. It's going to change the way you use your iPad.

The iPad was always a powerful piece of technology but it never truly reached the stage of being a replacement for your laptop. Well iOS 9 is looking to change that.

A new QuickType keyboard turns your iPad's virtual keyboard into a productivity powerhouse. Place two fingers on the keyboard and it'll turn it into a virtual trackpad letting you easily move the cursor around text.

Split-screen for iPad Air 2.

Split-screen apps on the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro will allow power users to run two apps at the same time side-by-side.

Picture in Picture is a great new feature for all iPads which will let you FaceTime or watch videos in a separate window which can be moved around the screen letting you do two things at once.

Picture in Picture should run on most iPad's running iOS 8.

3. You'll actually start using Siri.

This sounds like a bold claim but bare with us. Swipe to the left on your iPhone and you'll be presented with a powerful new Search screen.

Siri will become more than just a voice you can talk to.

Siri isn't just a voice, it's the software that'll populate this screen automatically with the sports results you care about, the contacts you speak to most and the apps you use most often.

Of course if you do fancy having a chat, then Siri's remit has been increased substantially so it can understand more questions and in a more human way.

4. Your iPhone's battery life is getting a boost.

Apple made great strides with battery life on the iPhone 6 and it's hoping to take another step with iOS 9 and the iPhone 6s.

Apple claims you'll get an extra hour of battery life.

A new 'Low Power' mode can be turned on when your battery is running low to help conserve energy while overall performance enhancements mean Apple has claimed that iOS 9 will give you an extra hour of battery life.

5. Your iPhone is now a lot more secure.

Apple has switched the default passcode length from four to six digits. That may not sound like a massive change but it actually increases the possible combinations from just 10,000 to millions.

This, along with a new two-factor authentication system for iOS and El Capitan mean that anytime you sign in on a new service or device Apple can send a special code to your iPhone which you'll have to enter.


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