05/01/2016 11:35 GMT | Updated 05/01/2016 11:59 GMT

The Kolibree Is A Smart Toothbrush That Turns A Mind-Numbingly Dull Task Into A Video Game

The Kolibree Connected Toothbrush might seem like an unlikely standout at the world's biggest technology conference but it was this clever little tool that almost stole the show.

Showcased at CES Unveiled (a small, highly intense pre-conference showcase of innovative startups and gadgets) the Kolibree takes one of the most mind-numbingly dull tasks and turns it into a video game.

The toothbrush itself looks pretty unassuming but open up the app and you'll see that the real focus has been on the screen you'll be staring at.

A series of mini-games are available to 'play' which task you with brushing your teeth for not only the right amount of time but also in all the right places (that's right, no skimping on this one).

The better you get at it, the better you are in the game. At the moment Kolibree has a number of simple games that are fun enough but where it really shines is in a new partnership with video game publisher Ubisoft.

Using the hugely popular children's characters Raving Rabbids, you're encouraged to brush properly and in return compete in a race during which the Rabbids carry out manner of mischief.

It seems too simple to work, but even in the hot and stuffy confines of the conference centre, Kolibree's Vice President Christophe Dissaux made it look incredibly addictive.

It's a seemingly brilliant moment of cohesion that shows how advanced technology, in this case a Bluetooth-enabled sensor-packed toothbrush, can solve some of the simplest problems around.

The new mini-game will be available later this year and the toothbrush itself is available now to buy for $149.00. Yes it's not cheap, but when you think how difficult it is getting kids to do anything healthy/good for them this might end up being a small price to pay.