Watch Base Jumper Dan Witchalls' Three Death-Defying Leaps From London Buildings In A Single Night

A base jumper famed for repeated leaps off The Shard has released a new film showing him jumping from three London rooftops in a single night.

Dan Witchalls can be seen jumping off buildings in Canary Wharf ranging in height from 170 feet to a a staggering 390 feet.

The buildings included a residential block under construction, another construction site which is to be a hotel, and a council block.

Each location was being monitored by security guards, but Witchalls managed to evade them to complete his leaps.

Base jumper Dan Witchalls has released a film of him jumping off three London buildings in a single night

The father-of-two from Bishop’s Stortford made the jumps three weeks ago.

Witchalls, a world champion base jumper, has previously featured in a Channel 4 documentary about his thrill-seeking exploits.

His new documentary, in two parts, was uploaded on January 2 under the title “London’s Illegal Base jumper”, and was filmed by the 49-year-old's friend Alan Quinn.

In the clips Witchalls says his daring hobby "fulfils my need for excitement...It has to be dangerous otherwise it is not worth doing".

He goes on to say: “Every time you jump you are risking your life - there are no half measures.

“It is the only sport in the world where you can do everything right and still die.”

Witchalls explains that his wife and parents want him to retire, but he's struggling to do so: “It is definitely time for me to give up, I know that. But I can’t.”

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