LG's Signature OLED TV Is A Stunning Wafer-Thin TV That Boasts 4K

LG has unveiled a stunning Signature OLED TV that's so thin it is literally a sheet of pixels and glass fused together.

The TV is LG's way of showing that not only is OLED the future of TVs, but that LG is going to be the leader in the market.

While a few companies might dispute the first statement, the second is hard to argue with. The TV is a visual conundrum, boasting some of the best contrast ratios on the market while still being no thicker than a couple of credit cards stuck together.

It boasts a specially designed soundbar at the bottom which also acts as the base for the TV, while the screen itself supports both 4K and the new HDR format that has become the talk of the town at the CES 2016 tech conference in Las Vegas.

While we'd all love to own a TV that's just 2.57mm thin the truth is this is simply a marketing tool at the moment, a demonstration of what LG says it's capable of.

The good news is that it will eventually be coming out, the bad news is that it absolutely won't be cheap.