Woman Shares Tips On How To Achieve A Mindblowing Orgasm, Let's All Give Her A High-Five

A woman has revealed her secret to orgasmic bliss on Reddit. And the internet is pretty damn happy about it.

Reddit user 'adeepermystery' shared her revelations on how to achieve a better orgasm, which she found out quite by accident.

She explained that usually, she would tense her muscles when trying to come and hold her breath. But this, she revealed, is all wrong.

In fact, she believes the secret to orgasmic bliss is simply to relax the muscles downstairs and let the good times roll on.

She wrote: "Last night, I had just taken a Flexeril for a muscle spasm in my neck when I decided to take a little self-love time. I couldn't tense my muscles as tight, and coming while they were relaxed felt incredible!

"I thought the whole point was to clench everything, then feel the release... But this was like wave after wave of beautiful feelings. I probably came five times, each more amazing than the last."

She added that it was important for her to share this knowledge on the internet because women "don't discuss what feels good sexually".

"No friend or female family member had ever said, 'Oh, you tense up? Yeah, try relaxing instead'," she explained.

"And I'm too embarrassed to spread my newfound knowledge to my friends, but I'll disseminate the info to Reddit instead."

Since imparting her words of wisdom, others have flocked to share their top masturbation tips, too.

*Takes notes*

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