This Hot Drink Will Never Make You Choose Between Coffee And Tea Again

Coffee And Tea Have Merged To Create A Lovely Liquid Baby

Those who can't decide which they love more out of tea and coffee could be saved hours of pondering - because some genius has created a coffee/tea hybrid.

Cascara coffee is made using the outer peel of the coffee cherry, which is then sun-dried and brewed in a similar way to tea.

According to Fresh Cup magazine, it has a sweet, fruity taste with "notes of rose hip, hibiscus, cherry, red current, mango or even tobacco".

Cascara is good for the environment, as you are brewing coffee cherries (which are essentially classed as coffee waste).

Peter Giuliano, of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, told NPR: "We have been throwing away this perfectly good coffee fruit for a long time, and there's no real reason for it, because it tastes delicious."

The unusual tea blend was discovered by Aida Batlle, a coffee-grower from El Salvador.

She was at a coffee sampling event and could smell a hibiscus-like scent in the room. When she inquired as to where the smell was coming from, the coffee tasters pointed to the husks which had been discarded from recently milled coffee.

As a miniature experiment, Batlle decided to pick through the husks, clean them and add hot water. She soon realised that the beverage had an unusual and equally amazing taste, so she sent samples for her customers to try.

Technically, the beverage is coffee but because of the brewing method it combines the best of both worlds. And, as with all new discoveries in the foodie world, it's got a lot of people excited about it.

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