New Alcohol Guidelines: 9 Confusing Messages About Alcohol And Health From The Last Five Years

Woman drinking white wine on patio
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Woman drinking white wine on patio

Chief medical officers were accused of "scaremongering" on Friday after they released new guidelines around alcohol.

The new guidelines suggest men should drink no more than 14 units of alcohol per week, bringing them in line with women's recommended drinking levels. Previously, men were advised to consume no more than 21 units per week.

Others in the medical profession have questioned the change in advice, saying the guidelines fail to recognise some of the health benefits of drinking alcohol.

If the debate has left you confused about what you should and shouldn't be drinking, we're not surprised.

Studies around alcohol consumption seem to continually contradict each other and the advice seems to be forever changing.

That's not to say these studies are invalid. As we make new advances in science, we can only expect the thinking around this topic to change.

To show that there is no easy answer when it comes to alcohol and health, here are some of the findings of recent years:

Alcohol Increases Dementia Risk

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