'Star Wars' Spin-Off Film: Young Han Solo Shortlist 'Includes Ansel Elgort And Miles Teller'


Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ may only be a month old, but the team behind the movie are currently preparing for one of the upcoming spin-offs, which will see one actor take on the tough task of playing a young Han Solo.

After auditioning thousands of hopefuls, the movie’s casting directors have reportedly whittled it down to just a handful of stars, including the likes of Ansel Elgort and Miles Teller, who starred in the Oscar-winning film ‘Whiplash’.

Scott Eastwood, Ansel Elgort and Miles Teller are in the running

The as-yet-untitled ‘Star Wars’ spin-off will begin filming in January 2017, Variety reports, and it’s believed that young Han could also be making an appearance in the second spin-off, but who’ll be playing him?

Ansel and Miles are not just up against each other in the fight for the role - see all of the actors rumoured to be on the shortlist below…

Miles Teller

Young Han Solo Rumoured Shortlist

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