'Celebrity Big Brother': Jonathan Cheban Declares 'I Didn't Even Care About Angie Bowie' After Tiffany Pollard Row

Jonathan Cheban has opened up about that‘Celebrity Big Brother’ row, which erupted when Angie Bowie told Tiffany Pollard that “David’s dead”, leading the star to think David Gest had died, not David Bowie.

Jonathan quit the show shortly after the incident, and during an appearance on ‘Lorraine’, he’s explained what actually happened, revealing what it was really like to be in the midst of the row.

Kim K's BFF quit the show, stating that he just wasn't having fun anymore

Speaking on Wednesday morning’s show, he told the presenter: “Obviously the David Bowie situation was so horrible.

“I didn’t even care about Angie, I cared about us, as fans of David Bowie...I was shocked when I understood actually what happened.

“To be honest Angie was talking about him the week before, about how she has nothing to do with him, and it was like a bad thing that I didn’t even connect it.

“Like, they were married 30 years ago, so we’re more fans of David Bowie than she is at the time, so to be honest it was more of a shocker to us more than about Angie because she has nothing to do with him now.”

Tiffany later apologised to Angie, after initially refusing to

Turning his attention to Tiffany, he said: “I don’t think she knows who David Bowie even is. So that’s why I’m not mad at her about David Gest because she was right by saying that she knows that [we] don’t get outside news in the house.

“And David Gest does sleep like he’s got rigamortis... He’s been sick for days so I thought that all of a sudden we’d found out that David had cancer, I thought she got that part confused.”

A number of fans took to Twitter to discuss the controversial scenes, with many claiming that producers should have stepped in to defuse the row, as Angie became more visibly upset.

'Celebrity Big Brother' continues tonight at 9pm.

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