Tiffany Pollard

From Oxo cubes and porridge to underwear and Rihanna.
Locked away with a bunch of strangers in an environment specifically designed to push the housemates to their limits, it’s
Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry is said to be among them.
Three new housemates are set to enter the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house tonight (13 January), as a “weekend of hell” begins
It's been half a decade, but we don't think we'll *ever* be over this scene.
It’s officially been a year since the reality TV moment so outrageous, we still question whether or not we dreamed it. First
As if Jeremy McConnell wasn’t in enough hot water with on-off (presumably ‘off’ at the moment) girlfriend Stephanie Davis
Another series of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ is about to come to an end, with just six of the original 16 contestants now battling
Another series of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ is about to come to an end, with one of this year’s six remaining contestants about
Tiffany Pollard and Darren Day came to blows in last night’s (3 February) ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, after she learned he was
Tiffany Pollard He later admitted his discomfort with Tiffany during a conversation with Danniella Westbrook in the garden
‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate Stephanie Davis would no doubt be distressed to learn that Jeremy McConnell Cooke is the
However, Tiffany’s raunchy antics didn’t end there. She later snogged both Scotty T and Jeremy McConnell Cooke during a game
‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate Stephanie Davis has given Jeremy McConnell Cooke the cold shoulder, after he snogged someone
Danniella Westbrook and Gemma Collins staged a ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ walk-out this weekend, barging out of the house following
Gemma Collins has made a shocking pregnancy declaration inside the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house. READ MORE: There's Finally
‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate Christopher Maloney was so stressed out over this week’s face-to-face nominations that
John Partridge This means that either Danniella, John, Kristina or Tiffany will leave the house in Tuesday night’s live eviction
Thursday night’s explosive ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ episode could land the show’s bosses in trouble with Ofcom, following