13/01/2017 12:15 GMT

'Celebrity Big Brother': Three New Housemates To Enter Tonight, But Who Are They?

Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry is said to be among them.

Three new housemates are set to enter the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house tonight (13 January), as a “weekend of hell” begins.

Their arrival was teased during Thursday night’s highlights show, when narrator Marcus Bentley announced their impending arrival alongside three silhouettes of them. 

Channel 5
The 'Celebrity Big Brother' house will have three new additions

“New housemates are unleashed. It’s a fight for survival as the weekend from hell begins,” he was heard saying. 

The newbies are being brought in to replace former contestants Brandon Block and Ray J, who both quit the Channel 5 series this week. 

Attention has already turned to who the three unidentified housemates will be, with The Sun claiming ‘Geordie Shore’ star Chloe Ferry is among them. 

Ian West/PA Archive
'Geordie Shore' star Chloe Ferry is said to be entering the house

A source told the paper: “If the celebs thought they’d drawn the short straw being locked up with Stacy and Austin, they’ve seen nothing yet.

“Chloe has no filter – she will cause total pandemonium with or without a drink.”

Based on the fact all three silhouettes appear to be women, fans have also been speculating on social media about who else they could be.

Former contestants Katie Price and Tiffany Pollard are among the names who have been mooted, as is Jamie O’Hara’s ex, Danielle Lloyd.

However, it was previously claimed Nicola’s husband Tom Williams could enter the house to confront her and Jamie O’Hara over their flirting in the house

As ever, ‘CBB’ bosses are remaining tight-lipped, so viewers will have to tune in to Channel 5 at 9pm tonight to find out the identity of the new housemates.

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