Derren Brown's 'Pushed To The Edge' Has Got A Lot Of People Worried

Derren Brown is back and this time he's making us kill each other.

Well, not quite but his latest show has caused quite a stir for getting poor unsuspecting people into such a state that they willingly go along with a plot to push an old man off a roof.


Derren Brown. Making you think stuff since 2000

Unsurprisingly, the reaction to 'Derren Brown: Pushed to the Edge' centres around whether or not the English mentalist is in fact some sort of demon sent to Earth to eventually destroy us all.

But he does have friends, and they actually look quite happy to be there. Or is that what he's making them think...

Anyway, back to the important issues... at hand.

There was lots of speculation about his true identity.

Many were thinking if what they were thinking was actually what they were thinking and not what Brown was thinking we should think.

And then there was this terrifying scenario.

But it's clear that in the event Brown did take over the world he wuld have a dedicated band of minions to do his evil bidding...

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