derren brown

I remember closing my eyes for an elongated blink - you know the kind, when you are tired - and when I opened my eyes again, something was different
Illusionist is happy, but he's not happy with self-help books.
Derren Brown rubs his eyes. It’s no illusion. He’s just tired. The 45-year-old has a new puppy and didn’t sleep much the
Everyone loves to see Derren Brown work his magic and mess with people's minds, and his latest venture involves a new ride
How easily could you be persuaded to murder someone? Derren Brown has just demonstrated how it could be achieved within a
Illusionist and theatrical trickster Derren Brown has lent his talents to creating a terrifying theme park attraction which
But he does have friends, and they actually look quite happy to be there. Or is that what he's making them think... Anyway
Derren Brown's latest project has been revealed, and the controversial psychological experiment is sure to get viewers talking
Illusionist and national treasure Derren Brown has issued an excellent retort to a homophobic Twitter troll. Lurking tweeter