13/01/2016 12:56 GMT | Updated 13/01/2016 13:59 GMT

Instagram Star Kuma The Dog Recreates Kendall Jenner's Heart-Shaped Hair

There's no shortage of people trying to recreate Kendall Jenner's famous heart-shaped hair (well, it is the most liked photo on Instagram), but this copycat is a little bit different...

Meet Kuma, an adorable shih tzu/Pekingese cross, from Japan.

And yes, she's a dog.

A photo posted by もえむ (@moem_n) on

The Instagram-famous pooch has built up a following of over 19 thousand people after her owner started creating A-list worthy hairstyles out of her long fur.

She can pull off cute pink hair clips...

A photo posted by もえむ (@moem_n) on

And a hipster beanie.

A photo posted by もえむ (@moem_n) on

Looks elegant with a plaited bun...

A photo posted by もえむ (@moem_n) on

Or chic with a messy side-pony.

A photo posted by もえむ (@moem_n) on

Is there any hairstyle Kuma can't pull off?


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