‘Celebrity Big Brother' Stars Go Green And Throw Up After Tucking Into Foul-Tasting Century Eggs In Latest Challenge (VIDEO)

As well as being known for falling out of nightclubs and not winning talent TV talent shows, some of the inhabitants of the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house now have another claim to errrm fame.

Throwing up on TV.


In scenes we’re more used to seeing on ‘I’m A Celebrity’, five of the housemates were forced to take part in CBB’s very own take on a Bushtucker Trial.

And it wasn’t pretty.

It was all part of the new shopping task, where housemates were split into puppets and puppet masters, who are able to control them.

Christopher Maloney, Megan McKenna, Danniella Westbrook, Stephanie Davis and Tiffany Pollard were all forced to down a foul-tasting century egg by their respective puppet masters.

With them all wretching as they chomped down on the Chinese delicacy, it all proved way too much for Christopher and Megan, who both proceeded to throw up.


Looks like Gemma Collins attempts to convince them it was ‘a beef burger’ weren’t a success then.

The task also saw some puppets ordered by their masters to read out mean tweets about themselves.

Megan wasn’t exactly delighted to learn that someone thought she had "a face like a smacked arse", while one viewer likened Chris to "a batch of piles" for clinging on to Danniella.

That’s gotta hurt.

Watch the video of the housemates attempting (and mostly failing) to swallow their latest challenge in the video above.

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Celebrity Big Brother's Best Bits

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