Epic Troll Manages To Personalise Nutella Jars With 'Arsemuck', 'Bumgravy' and 'Backdirt'

This Guy Managed To Convince Selfridges To Print 'Arsemuck' On A Nutella Jar Then Went Back For More

Ever since Ferrero announced they would be offering personalised jars of Nutella, people have been struggling to get past the profanity rules - obviously everyone thinks it's hilarious to write naughty words on there, but the company won't allow.

But one clever young chap has managed to beat the system - by convincing them a few sweary phrases were actually Irish names.

Seamas O'Reilly managed to print three naughty Nutella jars by circumventing the profanity filters and getting it done in-store at London's Selfridges department store.

He started by trying to sneak through with "bumgravy", which is a fairly graphic term for poo. It worked.

Not one to quit while he's ahead, O'Reilly went back for more. His next idea "Arsemuck" almost didn't make it through.

"They literally took it away from me at the paypoint once they read it," he told Mashable. "The following exchange took place:"

Guy: "Sorry you can not have this one."

Me: "Excuse me?"

Guy: "This one."

Me: [Stares quizzically]

Guy: "Is a rude one. Sorry."


Me: "Oh, right no, wait! Sorry, do you mean because of Arse?"

Guy: (Nods sheepishly).

Me: "No, ha, Arsemuck is an Irish name."

Guy: (embarrassed) "Ohhhhhhh."

Me: "Haha."

Guy: "I'm sorry sir." (Laughs, wraps package and hands it to me)

Me: "Haha, don't be sorry. Oh, that's funny. I can't wait to tell him this."

Guy: "Arsemuck?"

Me: "It's the Irish for Arsenio"

Guy: "Right, right. I know it."

Me: "Ha, do you get a lot of rude ones?"

Guy: "All the time, sir."

Me: "What's the rudest one you've had?"

(Guy thinks for literally 15 seconds)

Guy: "Probably fatpussy sir."

Me: "You can't be too careful. Bye!"

And he still keeps going back. Regularly.

"The previous two trips, I'd actually left the queue because I swore I saw the manager nudging staff and pointing me out," Seamas said.

"I like to imagine they have a mugshot of me back there, smiling innocently and, underneath, the words 'NO MOR JARZ' smeared in thick, delicious, name brand hazelnut paste.

"It's kind of hard to come up with more that explicitly imply that there's poo in the jar," O'Reilly said. "I also don't particularly like Nutella. And they're pretty expensive."

Mr O'Reilly, take a bow. We're not worthy.


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