This Bluesmart 'Smart' Suitcase Takes All The Stress Out Of Travelling

This Is Quite Simply The Best Suitcase Ever Made, And Here's Why...

This is the Bluesmart Suitcase and with the exception of the fear of flying, this gadget single-handedly solves every problem you ever had with travelling.

For starters it comes with a companion app and we're not just talking about some on-trend companion app for companion app's sake.

This one actually does things. It locks/unlocks your suitcase remotely giving you proper security over say just a padlock. Motion sensors also detect when you walk away from the case and then automatically lock it.

Ever lost a suitcase? It sucks, like a lot. The Bluesmart can be tracked anywhere in the world thanks to GPS tracking built directly into the case.

Ever been caught out by an airlines Scrooge-like weight restrictions? Well this thing can weigh itself. Simply pick it up by the handle and the case will measure its weight showing up on the companion app.

Finally, and last but not least is our favourite feature. At the top of the Bluesmart is a USB port so you can charge your phone at the airport. If that wasn't enough the battery is absolutely massive so you won't just be able to charge your iPhone, but your iPad and even your netbook.

Bluesmart originally appeared on Indiegogo where it successfully raised over $2m in funding (unsurprisingly) and has now finally arrived in the UK courtesy of Firebox.

You can get your soon to be stress free hands on this case from Firebox for a considerable (but definitely worth it) £349.99.

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