This Is What People Who Go To Therapy Want You To Know


Whether you're going through a difficult time or have an ongoing mental health issue, talking through your thoughts with a therapist can be a big help.

Yet, we rarely speak openly about the prospect of going to therapy with our peers.

To break down this stigma, a group of people who've tried therapy share their insights in the BuzzFeed video above.

Here are just a few of the things they want you to know:

"Going to therapy is like getting a PhD in who you are."

"Therapy allows you to find things out about yourself that nothing else does."

"A therapist will be honest with you in a way that your friends and family won't be because they're not emotionally attached to you."

"It's the one time in your life you can be completely honest to another human."

"Good therapy is about self discovery, it's not about someone sitting opposite saying 'this is what's wrong with you.'"

"The most important thing you can do for yourself is go to therapy because that is a huge form of self love."

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