Woman's 'Love Handle' Selfie Is Turning Heads For All The Right Reasons

On Instagram, we're inundated with photos of perfectly-sculpted bodies and heavily-filtered salads. But every now and again, something magical happens and we're confronted with someone real - someone who sticks two fingers up to our sterilised view of perfection and is 100% themselves, proudly.

That's precisely why we love Mar Ortiz, a US reality star, whose "love-handle" selfie has recently gone viral.

The 32-year-old uploaded the photo to Instagram and Facebook, where it has received more than 90,000 likes (and counting).

"Someone told me 'Mar you're losing weight....' I said 'Really? You think so? I eat a burger, fries and pizza like everyday...' LOL," she wrote in the caption.

"Why does size matter? Big or small.... I love my LOVE handles! I don't care about having abs or eating a salad everyday. I do believe in taking healthier days and balance. I #celebratemysize everyday! I love my curves and body. If I want to lose weight it will be a personal choice and it shouldn't matter to anyone else but me."

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Fans have rushed to praised her for championing body diversity.

"I'm in such awe of you. You and everything you stand for is just amazingly beautiful. Thank you for inspiring me," wrote one.

We'll second that. Bravo Mar 👏👏👏👏

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