15/01/2016 03:08 GMT | Updated 15/01/2016 03:59 GMT

‘Power Rangers' Star Ricardo Medina Charged With Murdering Flatmate With Sword

A former star of the hit childrens’ show, ‘Power Rangers’ has been charged with murder in Los Angeles.

Ricardo Medina was initially released and no charges were brought against the 36-year-old actor when he was arrested for stabbing his flatmate in February last year.

Ricardo Medina

But he has now been rearrested and charged for attacking Josh Sutter with a sword and stabbing him multiple times.

At the time, Riacrdo’s lawyers said he was acting in self defence after he was assaulted by his flatmate at the home they shared in Palmdale, California.

Investigators said at the time that the actor retreated to his bedroom with his girlfriend following the row, when Sutter forced his way into the room.

It was reported that Medina then grabbed a sword he kept near the door and stabbed his roommate in the abdomen, before calling emergency services.

But the victim's family believe he has been rearrested because detectives don't believe his initial story.

Medina played the Red Ranger on 'Power Rangers Wild Force'

In a written statement, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office said: "Ricardo Medina, 36, is charged with stabbing Josh Sutter multiple times with the sword during a January 31, 2015 argument over the actor's girlfriend.

Speaking three days after the attack, the actor said he was "very sorry", whilst his agent, Gar Lester, called him a "sweet soul".

The actor, who played the Red Ranger on ‘Power Rangers Wild Force’ in 2002 and and later played Deker on ‘Power Rangers Samurai’, could face between 26 years and life in prison if found guilty.

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