Millions In Islamic State Cash Blown Up In Coalition Strike On Terror Group Building In Iraq

Coalition forces have hit Islamic State in the pocket - blowing up millions of pounds in an American air strike in Iraq.

In aerial footage released by the US Defence Department, clouds of paper bills fill the air after a building in Mosul is struck with two 2,000lb bombs.

The Pentagon has said several million pounds were in the building, but the exact figure is not known.

An American airstrike destroyed millions of pounds of Islamic State cash in Iraq

The strike was part of a strategic plan by a US-led coalition to target oil resources belonging to the terror group. The UK have made several success strikes on IS-controlled oilfields in recent months.

IS is thought to earn an estimated £315million a year from oil production from its territory in Iraq and Syria.

The coalition is trying to weaken the organisation by depleting the financial gains it gets from this oil.