18/01/2016 11:22 GMT | Updated 18/01/2016 17:59 GMT

Humans Of Leeds Facebook Project Reveals One Man's Inspiring Fight Against Abuse, Tragedy And Homelessness

A formerly homeless man has told the incredible story of his resilience after years of abuse and heartbreak, as part of a photo series on the streets of Leeds.

Known only as Daz, he volunteers at St George's Crypt in the city, which helps the homeless, the disadvantaged and vulnerable, and those suffering from addiction.

The Crypt provides practical support in terms of accommodation, getting fed, cleaned up and clothed, as well as job opportunities - and was part of a week-long series by the Facebook page 'Humans of Leeds'.

A photographer known as 'Z' runs the site, which is inspired by Humans Of New York, and spent a week photographing those working at the Crypt, and affected by homelessness.

Daz discussed his downfall of addiction, explaining his parents abuse and told the photojournalist that the only thing he wants in life is to see his own daughter again.

"My life hasn’t been brilliant but I guess you make what you want of it. I feel like my life has taken a turn and it’s starting to go uphill now. I’d like to see my daughter again. Reconnect with her, and continue doing what I’m doing,” he said.

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The response to the photoseries, which has been shared hundreds of times, has ranged from the inspired, to the thankful, with floods of people commenting on the pictures.

"The strength of the human spirit can be a marvel. Great to see someone overcome so much and not come out bitter and hate filled on the other side. Hope life keeps on getting better for you mate," wrote James Powell.

Angela Richardson said: "Thank you for sharing your life story, I have taken strength from your words to keep on moving forwards through the treacle."

Whilst Rosa Peterson wrote: "Thank you for your story keep on doing the brilliant work that you are doing you are such an inspiration hope and pray that you and your daughter will be united."