George Osborne Makes Fun Of John McDonnell And Yanis Varoufakis For 'Losing Their Marbles'

What do John McDonnell and Yanis Varoufakis have in common according to George Osborne? "They’ve both lost their marbles."

Speaking in the Commons today, the chancellor could not resist taking a pop at Labour's shadow chancellor. "If I could gently suggest he might want to change his own economic policy, since in the last week he has called for the return of flying pickets, he wants to ban companies paying dividends and he wants to spend billions of pounds on nuclear missile submarines without any nuclear missiles," he said.

Osborne added: "Today he says he is going to tour the country with former greek finance minister Mr Varoufakis to educate us all about economics. The one thing they’ve got in common is they’ve both lost their marbles."

Osborne bids farewell to Varoufakis after a meeting at 11 Downing Street in London on February 2, 2015

Greece has been fighting to get the British Museum to return the Elgin Marbles to Athens. The location of the Parthenon sculptures has been a source of tension between Greece and the UK for decades.

Today The Huffington Post UK revealed the woman who electrified the tax credits cuts debate with an emotional appeal on the BBC’s Question Time will also join McDonnell at a meeting of the leftwing campaign group Momentum.

Former Tory voter Michelle Dorrell will attend the sold-out event in Ramsgate, staged by the newly-formed Thanet Momentum branch tonight.

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