North Korea Claims It Has Invented A Hangover-Free Alcoholic Drink

North Korea Have Invented A Cure For Hangovers And It's Almost Certainly Complete Rubbish

North Korean scientists claim to have created the world's first alcoholic drink that is hangover-free. That's right, a drink you can spend all night necking and still wake up feeling as peachy as you did when you poured your first glass.

This entirely improbable creation is called Koryo Liquor and is (according to the Pyongyang Times) the result of 'years of research' during which researchers were able to "eliminate the bitter taste of insam by using the boiled and scorched glutinous rice instead of sugar."

So not only have they stopped this drink from tasting absolutely awful, they've also made sure you feel pretty chirpy the next day as well.

Now it should be pointed out that this isn't the first time that North Korea's indigenous insam plant has resulted in a major scientific breakthrough.

Last year North Korea's media reported that extracts of the plant could cure/prevent everything from SARS, Avian Influenza, MERS and even AIDS.

With this in mind it should probably be advised that we should take this staggering news with a pinch of salt, or perhaps even a large breakfast as well because unless you're one of those mythical humans who just brushes off a hangover with a chortle then there is no known cure for a hangover. Not even water.


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