Slovakian TV Chef Caught Cutting Powder On Live TV On 'Telerano'

A TV chef has been caught doing something rather suspicious on live TV.

During a segment of the Slovakian TV show, 'Telerano', the camera cuts to the studio kitchen and shows Ľubomír Herko cutting lines of a white powder with a credit card.


The rolled-up banknote next to the mystery substance only adds weight to the theory the chef definitely did not know the camera was about to be trained on him.

As soon as he realises he is live he stops and looks up with a look of extremely wide-eyed surprise.

It is not clear what the substance is but icing sugar is rarely consumed on its own and via a banknote.

A spokesperson for the channel on which the show airs, Markiza, said: "We consider this a totally inappropriate joke that does not have (any place on our network),

"There will be consequences."

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